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Do you have passion for agriculture? Would you love to earn extra income from time to time?

If your answer is YES to one of the above questions, then this could be your opportunity. 

All you need to do is to enrol and start promoting ABC products to your friends and family. (Remember: you don't have to sell anything but promote.)

Promoters have to first educate themselves about ABC products on the company website. As a Promoter you may have certain categories of farming interest that you may prefer to focus on, due to your background or passion. Nevertheless, Promoters who are ambitious could possibly make a substantial amount of money promoting all products on the ABC platform. 

ABC Wealth Creation System is ideal for any individual who have passion for agriculture and the ability to connect people. Moreover, it is flexible enough for both the unemployed and the employed people as it can be done on a part-time or full-time basis.

What is ABC Wealth Creation System?

A COLLABORATIVE FARMING initiative designed to empower Africa through AFFILIATE MARKETING. 

How you earn : 

We have put together a unique self-sustaining model that enables you to leverage your efforts and earn a passive income! It works on 5 ranking that allows you to earn income in 5 different ways up to 5 levels deep. (5-5-5) 

Grow your Team, Grow your Wealth! 

When you build and grow your team by bringing on board as many Promoters as you can, you simultaneously leverage your time and efforts. 

Every Promoter that you link to the system through your unique Promoter ID, will essentially be earning money for you. 

In simpler terms, for every lead that they refer that generates business for ABC – you will be earning a percentage of the commission.

Example - 

Let's say you PROMOTE our training for our Growers Projects, a12 people to be trained. 

Our growers' training cost R5500 each, and 12 attendees will generate  R66 000 revenue, and you will earn 20% of that revenue - which is R13 200.  

Keep in mind, you can organize as many training as you want in different locations, and you can also build a team of Promoters.

Your earnings will increase as you grow your team, .....and that's NOT all. 

YES...there is more...

For every rank you reach, you will get a once off bonus, and unlock unlimited earning potential.

Ready To Join The Movement of Agrarians?